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ATA Carnet Application Form

Processing Type : Learn More Carent Handling :
  2nd Working Day Delivery Next Working Day Delivery,
Guaranteed Processing
Same Day
Application received before 4 p.m. Rs. 0 Rs. 5,000/-
Rs. 10,000/-
Application received after 4 p.m. Rs. 0 Rs. 7,500/-
Rs. 15,000/-
Represented / Holder Name : Email Id :
Firm Name & Address : Contact No. :
  Fax :
List of Authorized Representatives :    
Please indicate the number of VISITS being made to each country and those countries being crossed in TRANSIT.
  Visit / Transit Country No. of Visit
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Requirement of Carnet Period (select as appropriate) :
  One Year 6 Months 3 Months Less than 3 Months
INTENDED USE OF the Carnet under the following categories ONLY (select as appropriate) :
  Commercial Samples International Trade Fair / Exhibition Professional Equipment
  Intended Use